Norhof #905 LN2 microdosing system for thermal control X-Ray camera, – Sydor Technologies, Rochester, USA –

Norhof #905 LN2 microdosing system for thermal control X-Ray camera

– Sydor Technologies, Rochester, USA –

Thank you Norhof! We saw your system in use at a National Lab in the USA, and were impressed. For our new soft X-Ray camera, we needed thermal control. After comparing options, we settled on the 905 Automatic Pump. We liked the design’s simplicity and ease of use. It is a good value compared to mechanical pumps or electric coolers. Our first units arrived quickly and we were quite impressed with the workmanship and features in the software. All the units checked out fine – thanks for the detailed check-out procedure & manual. The custom fill tube for our Dewars fits well and was easier to have you build than if we did it. Communications have been prompt and clear, inspiring confidence. Overall, we are delighted and hope our product does well so we can do business together again soon!


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