Norhof #608 LN2 FTIR filling system, – Manufacturer of dye-sensitized solar cells, Stockholm area –

Norhof #608 LN2 FTIR filling system

– Manufacturer of dye-sensitized solar cells, Stockholm area –

After having issues where our vacuum system cool traps would run out of LN2 before the process cycle was completed, and to reduce strain on operators having to manually pour LN2 in to the cool trap, we started looking for a better solution.

We found Norhof online, and after a brief discussion regarding their technology, we bought two automatic LN2 dispensing systems for evaluation.

After installing and testing the systems, we bought an additional four, and now we have six systems in operation.

The model is 608-100-035 LN2 Cooling system #608.

Its intended purpose is to fill small LN2 containers in scientific instrumentation, but with a few tweaks in the included software it works very well for our application as well, even though our cool traps have a larger volume.

For a reasonable price, Norhof designed custom adapters to fit their system on our cool traps, meaning the systems were essentially plug and play for us. They work by dispensing LN2 until the level of liquid reaches a sensor at the top of the cool trap. The dispensing is then stopped, and the system is in standby for a time set by us. After that time, the system once again fills the cool trap to the top.

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